The 100 Beer Club

Beer Club Rules !!!

1. Free to join! Just write your name, email, and DOB on your receipt.

2. After you join, Please wait a day or two, please visit and go to the members list and find your name with a number next to it. We suggest putting this number in your phone somewhere to remember it. You must know your number to get credit for your beers. If you do not know your number, please hold on to your reciept and turn it in next time.  Basically…know your number :)

3. Please write your number legibly at the top of your itemized receipt (not your credit card slip). I know after a few it’s hard, but please try.

4.  When you join, your beer club number will not be sent to you — just wait a few days and check the “Members” section of the website to get it.

5. Make sure your name is spelled correctly on the website. Your plaque will have your name exactly as it appears on the “Members” page. Also, please let us know if you are missing a plaque, t- shirt, or mug.

6. If sharing a check, please identify which beers each member drank. Only put your number next to the beers you drank — you have to drink each beer to get credit, not just pay for it. You will only be cheating yourself!

7. Three-furs do not count towards the beer club.

8. If your bartender forgot to put a beer on your tab that you drank and want credit for, please ask them to add it to the tab. We all make mistakes!

9. Bottle, draft, and cask versions count as separate beers.

10. On your birthday you get your name on the beer list and a birthday beer!!!

Last rule – Have fun and be safe!



100-Pewter take home mug and t-shirt!

300- Plaque on the bench!

400- Every January and July you are invited to a social upstairs! Free beer and Food!

500- 20 oz mug with your beer club number on it! For certain beers, you get 4 more ounces than everyone else!

1000- You become ‘Sir” or “Dame” and get a polo w/your last name on it!

2000- A $100 Mahaffey’s Pub Gift card!

2500- A Growler that you can fill here with us with certain beers at a discounted price! First Growler fill is free!

3000- Make your Own Beer! You choose the beer and ingredients to run through a randell and we will name the beer after you! You can drink as much of your beer in the bar as you want for free! It will also count as a new beer for beer club!

* For every hundred you reach, you get your name on the wall!!!*

Click here for the resurrected Beer Club!

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