The Dynamically-Updated Top Drinkers List is Back!

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be … well, about now. The Top Drinkers list once again gives you a real-time view of the Beer Club database! Savor the power.


We are proud sponsers of Baltimore Beer Week!

 Baltimore Beer Week Starts on October 19th! Check out or events page for daily events, or go to www.baltimorebeerweek.com! Let’s make this one the best one yet!



Now Selling Baltimore Beer Week T-Shirts!

We have black and Teal in limited sizes, so get here fast! $15 each!


Beer Selections list is now functional and the Top Drinkers list is updated!

The headline pretty much explains it all. Click BEER SELECTION to see what’s in stock. Click on the 100 Beer Club and then click through on the following page to find the TOP DRINKERS list, which is back in business. For now it’s not purty, and it’ll be updated weekly rather than daily as we finish the automation, but it’s there and up-to-date as of 12/08! Enjoy, relax, and have a beer. Or three.


Minor Improvement to the Beer Club Members and Numbers List

The Beer Club members list now has two versions, side by side. The list is ordered by number and also alpha by first (and then last) names. If you remember your number OR your name, you should be good to go!


List of Beer Club Members and Their Beer Club Numbers is Back Up

We’re getting there.

On the 100 Beer Club page, we have posted all club members (except those having joined in the last few weeks) and their associated numbers; you can browse the list if you happen to have forgotten yours.

Work is heating up building the new version of the online database (events forced us to recreate all the online automation from scratch — though we have all the data itself). If you’re wondering, the data set includes 2366 members; 2588 unique draft, bottle and cask beers; and well over 110,000 purchases of individual beers by beer club members.

We’re still shooting for sometime later this month for full functionality, but we are far enough along that we are now catching up the data entry on all your receipts from the last month or so. When we get the automation back up to speed, all the interim data will already be there!

When we are back up and running, the interface will be fairly similar but with a few little bells and whistles to make your beer clubbing that much easier. More on that when the time comes.

Meanwhile, stick to those italic options on the beer list and all will be well.



Meet the Brewer of La Fin Du Monde, Trois Pistoles, Maudite, and More!

Unibroue is in the house this evening! La Fin Du Monde is The End of the World as we love it; have some and you’ll feel fine. Get something signed for me while you’re there; I’m gonna be stuck in Edgewood.

Learn more right over here.



Beer Week is Now!

Beer Week is here and our cavalcade of new draft beers continues! See the Beer Selection page for today’s selections.

In other news, we’ve just fired up the Events calendar (see the main menu) and partially loaded it with Beer Week events. We’ll have it fully loaded (hmmm, fully loaded….) by sometime tomorrow.

Work on the beer club part of the site continues to move forward. Don’t blame Wayne, blame me. Who’s me? I don’t think I should tell you! But you can blame me anyway (call me Ishmael).

That said — and Wayne hasn’t even heard this yet — I’m hoping to do an iPhone app version of beer club in 2012 and — who knows — maybe even Android. So keep drinking, trust that your choices are being logged by little elves in the crawl space above the second floor, and enjoy your beer!

– He That Shall Not Be Named, or Ishmael — Whichever….


The Beer Week Cometh

Baltimore Beer Week starts tomorrow!  Highlights at Mahaffey’s include a passport, the 3rd Annual Double Digit Beer Night (Saturday), Pints and Pancakes (Sunday starting at 10AM) and the Yards and Cards bus trip (Tuesday). Also on Tuesday, we will be pouring 7 (yes I said 7) brand new drafts from Sierra Nevada!!!!  OMG!

Full details on ALL our frothy goodness are available through the Baltimore Beer Week link right up yonder on the main menu.


The dinner menu is live again.

The Dinner Menu is once again locked and loaded. All your favorites — and one new joke about avian aviation. Tuesday’s up-to-date beer menu will be live before the sun sets.

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