List of Beer Club Members and Their Beer Club Numbers is Back Up

We’re getting there.

On the 100 Beer Club page, we have posted all club members (except those having joined in the last few weeks) and their associated numbers; you can browse the list if you happen to have forgotten yours.

Work is heating up building the new version of the online database (events forced us to recreate all the online automation from scratch — though we have all the data itself). If you’re wondering, the data set includes 2366 members; 2588 unique draft, bottle and cask beers; and well over 110,000 purchases of individual beers by beer club members.

We’re still shooting for sometime later this month for full functionality, but we are far enough along that we are now catching up the data entry on all your receipts from the last month or so. When we get the automation back up to speed, all the interim data will already be there!

When we are back up and running, the interface will be fairly similar but with a few little bells and whistles to make your beer clubbing that much easier. More on that when the time comes.

Meanwhile, stick to those italic options on the beer list and all will be well.