Beer Week is Now!

Beer Week is here and our cavalcade of new draft beers continues! See the Beer Selection page for today’s selections.

In other news, we’ve just fired up the Events calendar (see the main menu) and partially loaded it with Beer Week events. We’ll have it fully loaded (hmmm, fully loaded….) by sometime tomorrow.

Work on the beer club part of the site continues to move forward. Don’t blame Wayne, blame me. Who’s me? I don’t think I should tell you! But you can blame me anyway (call me Ishmael).

That said — and Wayne hasn’t even heard this yet — I’m hoping to do an iPhone app version of beer club in 2012 and — who knows — maybe even Android. So keep drinking, trust that your choices are being logged by little elves in the crawl space above the second floor, and enjoy your beer!

— He That Shall Not Be Named, or Ishmael — Whichever….